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Chinwetalu Agu: It is HYPOCRISY SUPPORTING him, if you would not do what he did.

Still on the matter of chinwetalu Agu. I made a post, about how his action and ordeal in the hands of soldiers were nowhere near heroic. So many have called me unprintable names in what I understand clearly to be outbursts of emotions.

The article I and called out for(

Thing is, this is politics, emotions are not the first parameter considered, if at all they are. You have to look at things logically and objectively.

I started by asking of his intentions. What could have motivated a man that has been seeing the news and recent events. Why wear a dress made with a flag associated with a proscribed group-IPOB?. Why did he have to wait for soldiers to arrive in Anambra to wear his choice apparel, and even had to go to them wearing it?. Question is, why now?. Why wearing such a dress and rallying support for the IPOB in the presence of the soldiers?. What did he think sharing bread to the poor as he claimed, in the presence of soldiers, dressed like that means?.

Chinwetalu in the dress(

Just why?.

No matter how emotional you might be, there is one government for now, the government of Nigeria. Yes, this government proscribed IPOB and that is that. Whether it had just cause to do it is not the issue. Whether you and I like it is not the issue either.


Those supporting his action in a great show of hypocrisy, should get ready to do what he did, since it helps their cause. These people need to sew a dress with that flag and wear it around too, preferably around law enforcements, or keep mute in their hypocritical abode.

Wisdom and self preservation should advise one better. There was no existing rally, you just woke up, wore a controversial dress to the military checkpoint to call for support for IPOB?. Did he want to start a war?.

Either chinwetalu Agu wanted to be a Martyr or just being mischievous remains to be seen. He even understands the business of make-believe and showbiz, he has knowledge of how Nigerians and their emotional bearing works. Perhaps, he just wanted to reinvent himself, and that is working, because he is trending all over the internet.


Note, all his antics were properly videoed and documented, perhaps another movie. I say these because, I have not seen the embassy of Biafra or heard of her president. Meaning no such country or government exist YET.

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Stay safe, ECfranklin cares.

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