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Yoruba Is The Glue Holding Nigeria Together - Olu Falae.

Chief Olu Falae, the elder statesman, has said that Yorubaland is the glue that keeps Nigeria together, has spent a lot in preserving peace in the country, and hence can't be thinking about secession. 

Falae, a former Federal Government Secretary, Finance Minister, Economic Planning Director, and a bank's Managing Director, talked to reporters in an interview, recalling that while Nigerians are displaced by violence or conflict, they take refuge in the South West. 

He also identified Yorubaland as Nigeria's refugee camp where everybody is welcomed and cared for. 

According to him, we have probably spent more in Nigeria than other individuals. To justify my argument, in the case of a crisis in the East, the only place they run to is here, The Southwest. When the North is in trouble, where are they supposed to flee to? The Southwest. 

It is Nigeria 's Refugee site. This is where everyone is welcomed, acknowledged, and taken care of. That is the contribution in goodwill that we have created since time immemorial. 

Yorubaland is the glue holding Nigeria. The Middle Belt would battle us if the South-West decides it needs to secede as they see the Yoruba as the glue that binds Nigeria. 

During the Civil War, Governor Mobolaji Johnson was looking after their land for them when the Igbo went home. Rents were in financial firms, and their money was given to them when they returned to start life all over again.

That is an actual reality. Yet their tenants took over the land they left in Port Harcourt and it was some years until any of them returned to the owners. 

We have proved to be the most welcoming, we are the Nigerian cementing community. Therefore, we can't secede in either direction. It is our place at home.

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