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Is China's response to USA's multiple harassment on various front soft?

China is probably unconcerned, as it continues to lead, while the US concentrates all its efforts on the political front without regard to how it could improve its technical competence.

For example, when Huawei and other Chinese enterprises are targeted by the USA, all it signals to their employees and the public at large that China cannot rely on USA anymore - so they become more nationalistic and work harder, smarter and faster. At the same time, large numbers of start-up companies are rushing in to take over the vacuum left by the US sanctions. As for the attacks and perceived interference in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet, all it does is to make Chinese more nationalistic.

So, why shouldn’t the Chinese be very relaxed about everything? Yes, a lot of Hong Kong people are having difficulties as a result of Western influence, and all the Chinese government has done is to pass a simple law - no problems at all, just a few words on paper, and everything seems to be solved, for now anyway, and pro-democracy activists will leave - not a single shot fired or heads cracked or unnecessary deaths, or serious military action. Nothing too difficult at all, although the West went crazy over it and passed all kinds of laws, sanctioning officials.

Also, Why would China respond to the childish manner like Trump and Pompeo? Beside China’s HK policy is not going to be deterred by whatever law and act UK and the US will pass in their government. Trump is running a anti-China platform as the only thing he can rely on to have a slim chance winning an election, any step China takes to return fire with fire against the US may actually provide the Trump administration with more ammunition to fire back, it may end up helping Trump whipping up anti-China firestorm in the US and help Trump’s election cause. And the US will have an election in November China is patient enough to wait for a little over 3.5 months to see the outcome of the US election then decide the next move.

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