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Opinion: Meet PDP Possible Presidential Candidate, Who Is Capable To Take Leadership From Buhari

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has made it known to Nigerians that the Party may likely adopt The Former vice President and the Candidate of the Peoples Democratic party PDP in 2018 Presidential Polls, Alhaji Atiku Abubakr or the Former Senate President, Bukola Saraki for the 2023 Presidential Polls. It will be recalled that Atiku, Saraki, Kwankaso, Lamido, Tambuwa among Others, contested the PDP Presidential Primary Polls. But at the end of the Primary Election in the Party, Atiku Abubakr emerged as the Presidential candidate of the Party.

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has many Presidential candidates apart from Atiku Abubakr and Bukola Saraki. Though, Both Atiku Abubakr and Saraki are doing well for the Progress of the Party. Atiku Abubakr was the main financial backbone of the Party before and after the 2018 Presidential Election while Saraki has been able to unite the agrieved members of the Party together. Both Saraki and Atiku have worked for the Progress of the Party.

Meanwhile, Most of the Presidential Candidates that çontested the PDP Primary Election in 2018 Presidential Polls in the Party, are still interested to Contest the Presidential Polls again in 2023 Polls. Though just few of the Presidential candidates are not from the north, some of the candidates are from the South but majority of them are from the north. Not All the Presidential candidates that showed interest in 2018 Presidential Polls during the PDP Primary, have all what it takes to win the Presidential Election.

Some of the Presidential candidates in 2018 PDP Presidential Primary Polls could only win their States. Some of them don't have any influence in their neighbouring states, not to talk of winning Presidential Election in the entire country. Very few among them, can win the Presidential Election. But Atiku Abubakr, followed by Saraki has the nitty gritty to win Presidential Election. It means that, if the Party could not give the Presidential ticket to either Saraki or Atiku, then few candidates could be given the ticket.

Apart From Atiku Abubakr or Senator Bukola Saraki, there is another Presidential candidate that has the nitty gritty to win the 2023 Presidential Polls. If Atiku Abubakr or Bukola Saraki could not be given the Presidential ticket due to one reason or the other, then there should be other alternative from the north. The Alternative should also Posses the qualities, that the two Presidential candidates also Possessed.

Meet PDP Presidential Candidate, Who Is Capable To Take Mantle Of Leadership From President Buhari

Another Presidential candidate that can also win the 2023 Presidential Polls, apart from Alhaji Atiku Abubakr and Senator Bukola Saraki, is the former Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankaso. Kwankaso was the former Governor of Kano state who has done very well also, for the People of Kano state and the PDP. Kwankaso also çontested the last Presidential Polls along with Atiku Abubakr and Senator Bukola Saraki in PDP Primary Polls.

Kwankaso came second in the PDP Presidential Primary Polls that Produced Atiku Abubakr as the Presidential candidate of the Party. He was the backbone of the Governor of Kano State, Abdullah Ganduje before he defected from the All Progressives Congress APC to the Peoples Democratic Party PDP. Kwankaso defected to PDP in 2018 along with Saraki and Atiku Abubakr. Kwankaso has been one of the backbone of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Kano State.

Though, The national working committee of the Party, has suspended Kwankaso for disrupting the zonal Congress that should take place in the Party. But nevertheless, Kwankaso remains the Leader to reckon with, in Politics of Kano state. Kwankaso will be a credible Presidential candidate, if the Party could give the Presidential ticket to him in 2023 Presidential Polls.

This is just an opinion, anyone having contrary opinions should criticize the write up constructively without insults. Kindly Like, Share and Comment reasonably

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