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Why The Nigerian Government Should Intervene In Hushpuppi's Case

When the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), facilitated the arrest of Ramoni Igbalode Abbas, who is popularly known as Hushpuppi in Dubai, back in July 2020, I was very happy because his arrest was long overdue, we just did not see it. Hushpuppi would go on Instagram to upload pictures of his lavish lifestyle while oppressing the people who are earning their money legally.

But with the recent update about Hushpuppi, I am starting to feel that the United States of America is planning something really bad for Nigeria for reasons I am yet to understand. Please follow me closely as I connect the dots here.

Recently, Okonjo-Iweala officially became the director-general of the World Trade Organisation, but did you know what happened some weeks before she was finally declared the winner? The United States of America of all countries strongly stood against her selection as the director general of the organisation. Makes me wonder what the United States of America has against Nigeria.

The same way, the United States of America threatened to ban Nigerians from entering the US if the Nigerian government does not legalize same-sex marriage. Nigeria is yet to submit to the threat, however, we will get to know what the country's decision will be on same-sex marriage. I hope you are taking note of these points I have mentioned above. Let us continue.

Ever since Hushpuppi has been arrested, we have not really heard anything from both his lawyer and himself (who knows if the FBI has threatened them to be silent). Every update on Hushpuppi's case has always been the FBI digging up new evidence against this boy, and no one knows if these evidence are true or false. Have you asked yourself why Hushpuppi has not been convicted yet? Do not worry, I am going to tell you. The FBI wants to continue digging up possibly fake evidence that will consequently harm the image of Nigeria at the international level.

We all know that the United States of America does not like North Korea. After the FBI claimed that Hushpuppi was working for hackers from North Korea, I soon realised that the United States of America is trying to use Hushpuppi's case to drag Nigeria through the mud. No, every country may see Nigeria as a big threat to their peace, since one of their citizens has connections with North Korean hackers. Nothing could be more painful for me knowing that the FBI has not been coming out clean about Hushpuppi's case. Interestingly, I would not want the Nigerian government to sleep over this, because there is a fire on the mountain.

Thank you for reading.

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