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Why Russia May Not Interfere With Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Especially Against Israel

Why Russia May Not Interfere With Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Especially Against Israel 

Some people do wonder why Russia is yet to take sides in the conflict between Israel and the Palestines, even when the US is solidly behind Israel. Usually, Russia is always on the other side of where ever the United States is. But in the case of Palestine and Israel, Russia does not seem to be on any side. 

This is probably because Russia follows the principles of RealPolitik when it comes to international affairs. Israel is a small player, but holds a remarkably very powerful amount of influence, especially in the region. Russia doesn’t care a whit for the appeals to emotion that so motivates Muslim nations to destroy Israel. Russia will act against Israel only if that action will help further Russian interests in the region, and clearly, siding with the Palestinian causes is a weakening position that even major Arab nations are starting to abandon. Many Arab nations are fed up with the Palestinians utter ingratitude to them. Those nations now see Israel as a valuable ally against their real enemy, Iran. Why should Russia take up that mantle when their Arab brothers have largely abandoned them? But Russia can work against Israel if it's in her interest to do so. But looking at it, Russia does not have anything to benefit, which is the reason why their Arab brothers are abandoning them. Russian alliance with Israel would be far more beneficial to her than with the Palestines because Israel has a lot to offer.

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