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N-Power Batch C : Npower Drops Update By Answering Many important and urgent Questions

Npower in a series of tweets today dropped various updates on their twitter accounts. The updates include answering questions from concerned applicants who may have been following or reading so many fake news about the scheme, or those just curious about the current happenings.

The first question they responded to was one asked by one Fatai, asking if there are exams currently going on that they know nothing about. Npower responded by saying. No sir! Denying the claim.

Another important question that was asked which they responded to was about the ability to change certain information about your application after it had been successfully submitted. This they also replied No to.

Another Twitter user asked a very funny question if truly the accrued money has been looted by the leaders of the country. This they also debunked as fake news, saying that all money is being paid from the single treasury account that no one has access to any individuals money.

Npower has been doing a great job of telling its followers to disregard any fake news seen from other sources which are not related to them or any government body.

Currently, there are no shortlisted candidates yet neither is there any fixed dates for any exams or interview. Applicants for the current batch are advised to disregard any news coming from other sources that say otherwise.

To get the latest updates, please visit Npower various social media pages and throw questions at them directly. They answer every important question and are always very polite in their responses.

That is it, don't forget to follow me as I will always drop the latest updates from Npower and how you can get selected among the 400,000 candidates.

For now, good luck and wishing you success in your application.

Source: Npower page on twitter.

Content created and supplied by: feelphils (via Opera News )

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