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OPINION: Real causes of insecurity in the country and possible solution

Nigeria is a country blessed with lots of precious natural resource, and has some of the best brains in the world.

It is referred to as the "giant of Africa" but it is unfortunate the country does not live up to its identity.

 A lot of things have been found as the causes of insecurity in the country intolerance, grieves and greed domination among most communities in the country. In this article, we will be looking at the main causes of insecurity in the country:

1. Unemployment:

The unemployment rate in the country is very high making most of the working class age group idle and doing petty business. If we consider unemployment and the government try to create new jobs as well as the citizens to create their own opportunities through entrepreneurship the level of insecurity will reduce.

2. Corruption:

Corrupt Nigerian politicians have become a turn off for international investors and had milked the counties economy dry. Corruption has already become a part of almost everyone in the country.

Political leaders are implore to be selfless and go the extra mile to effect change.

3. Weak judicial system:

What will you expect when criminals and terrorists go scot free. Rich people can buy their freedom in the country and continue perpetrating there evils. 

4. Open borders:

The country has borders that are poorly guarded. People from other countries are infiltrating the country with no problem.

The Federal Government cannot provide enough troops to secure the borders this is the main cause of terrorism in the country. Smugglers also use porous coastal borders of the country to sell arms. 

The Federal Government should increase the number of troops and train more people that guard borders.

5. Drug:

Narcotic is one of the causes of insecurity in Nigeria. People use drug and take weeds to get high and in the process they can start misbehaving. The rate at which weeds are taking by the youths today is not normal.

The government should try and look at possible solution to this.

6. Ill-equipped security personnels:

It is a well known fact that security officers in the country are well equipped and won't be able to battle the insecurity in the nation. They don't have enough hardware, arms, training, and morale to fight criminals.

The government should try its best to equip the security in all areas needed to improve the security in the nation.

The problem of insecurity in Nigeria, among other issues, is a significant challenge that leaves many citizens in perpetual fear every day. Something need to be done fast.

What is your take on this??

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