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The Biggest Mistake Nigerian Government Made Is To Ease The Lockdown (Opinion)

Since the Nigerian Government has reduced the lockdown imposed on Nigerians due to the fact that it's awkwardly affecting us, but that decision to ease the lockdown has turned out to a big mistake, in fact one of the biggest mistake by the government.

There are millions of uneducated and poor Nigerians who are not aware of the guidelines released by the government to help curb the spread of the virus, apart from that, there are many Nigerians who take the covid 19 thing as a joke, making some doubt statements, while there are daily deaths and hundreds of people dying.

For this whole thing to be solved, the government should shul everything down again, let's see if the cases can reduce, it's really a big mistake to ease the lockdown and I can see that we are all regretting it now and so as the government.

My opinion here is that the government should solve that mistake done, by returning us to lockdown state we were.

Am not against people working but our health first, we will regret this if the confirmed cases and patient supercede the capacity of the doctors and government.

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