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Why Miyetti Allah's plea to Buhari and the National Assembly on open grazing would be ineffective

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It's becoming obvious that, come rain or come sun, after the 21st September deadline for open grazing, the herdsmen will go under ground.

The cattle rearing association in Nigeria, Miyetti Allah, has continuously moved against the extraordinary plan of the Southern States to nip in the bud the demonic activities of the Fulani herdsmen. But as the South is encroaching on victory, the leadership of the herdsmen is busy fighting hard to remain relevant and forcefully continuing their killer business. How come they don't even have a conscience, but only think about their own welfare to the detriment of the South?

The cow rearing business is becoming a much discussed national issue that doesn't seem to be good for Nigerians, but only for a few who are happy to see their cows feed on another man's farm. And any attempt to resist them would result in kidnapping, rape, killing, and destruction of the victim's farm. What an irony. The latest news about Miyetti Allah online is that they have run to President Buhari, and the National Assembly to intervene and halt the South's resolution against the open grazing deadline.


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The killer herdsmen group declared that they should be allowed to stay. Banning them would hamper the business of the herders and would bring hardship and poverty to the group and its members. The funniest part of this statement is that their interest was only personal and not how it would affect the South, Nigeria, and Nigerians. This group could be demonic and blood-sucking. They even accused the South of enacting satanic laws. I began to wonder who is Satan here, whether the killer herdsmen or the governors who want their people to live. The Miyetti Allah never addressed the pressing need to stop the herdsmen from killing people and how to end their demonic activities.

Reasons why President Buhari and the National Assembly were unable to assist Miyetti Allah and his foot soldiers image


1. President Buhari does not own the southern lands: if the president did own the land, they would have asked him to use his position to seize as many lands as he desired.The land belongs to the people, and governors are in charge of their territories. Therefore, Buhari can't be of any help to them.

2. Unsuccessful plots: In the past, the FG has tried everything possible to change the tone of the music of the Southern States, but was not successful in all its attempts.

3. The National Assembly is incapacitated to help them: Their call to the National Assembly for intervention is dead on arrival. We are practicing democracy. The National Assembly can not apply any law or sign any bill into law that would stop the resolution and enacted laws of the Southern States. Any bill the National Assembly passes would only be an act of the National Assembly that can be challenged in court, and could be abolished or suspended by the court when it's against the law of natural justice. They can only do so by the enshrinement of such a law into the Constitution.


For the Assembly to stop and abolish the laws of the Southern States open grazing bill, it must pass through the legislative process in the National Assembly, and after it passes the third reading and is signed into law, it must pass through all the 36 state houses of Assembly, and they (state assemblies) should also endorse it before it becomes part of the Constitution.


In this case, the Southern States Assembly has already enacted a bill against open grazing, so it becomes impossible for the same houses to vote for the anti-people bill from the National Assembly.

Based on this narrative, both President Buhari and the National Assembly can not help the fall of the killer herdsmen, which is divinely inspired.

What do you think about this call from the Miyetti Allah to Buhari and the National Assembly to help them avoid hunger in their midst? What else could the president do? In the end, his initial plan to save the herdmen failed. Kindly like, share, and comment on this work.




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