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Three Reasons Why Nigerians Are Not Happy With Some Politicians

The style and attitude of some Nigerian politicians have made many Nigerians regret why they voted for them during the elections. Although we still have good politicians that have made their people proud and glad that they did not make the wrong choice

In this article, we look at three reasons why Nigerians are not happy with some of our politicians.

1. Poor Empowerments

It is so painful and not appealing to the eyes when some of our politicians empower members of their districts with items like wheelbarrows, shovels, shoe-shining kits, baskets, yams, and bags of oranges. Some even go as far as giving goats to their constituents all in the name of a poverty eradication program. For me, I describe this act as insensitive and condemnable.

Other better empowerment programs would guarantee a secured future for the youths than pushing a wheelbarrow to earn a living or other irrelevant empowerment programs.

It will amaze you to note that most of these empowerment programs are given to the youths on hired purchase.

2. Fake Promises

Before these lawmakers climb that glorious and highly exalted seat, they promise their constituents many good things while seeking the mandate of the people of the district to represent them. But once the election is over, they forget how they got to that seat. They forget how many innocent women stood under the sun to vote for them and sing their praises.

They forget how many youths risked their lives just to ensure they win their election. They also forget how many people created enemies, just because they stood by their candidate. All of a sudden, they forgot all the promises they made, which is why so many Nigerians are not happy with our politicians.

3. Refusal To Take Calls

Another challenge with most of our politicians is that once they win the election, taking calls from their supporters becomes a problem.

They even go as far as blocking numbers if the calls become too much, forgetting that in the next election, they would want these same people to vote for them.

I think, in the 2023 general elections, Nigerians should be aware and conscious of who they choose as their candidates to represent them so that this continuous act does not repeat itself.

Content created and supplied by: Nwaokon0813 (via Opera News )

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