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Three(3) ways of preventing Electoral malpractice in Nigeria.

Electoral malpractice is described as a dishonest and fraud activities that interfere with the democratic nature of election. It started long time ago, many are practices it today like USA, South Africa, Nigeria etc. We will look at 3 ways to prevent the electoral malpractice in Nigeria.

1. Education.

Education is the key to knowledge. With Educational program training we can raise professionals, political awareness among political parties and electoral staff in order to prevent electoral malpractice in Nigeria.

2. Disciplinary rules for everyone.

Discipline is one of the major rule we should be practices, when government gives rules we should abide by it, without discipline we cannot abide by the rules. Anyone that disregard the rules, whether politician, personnel, military and common should all been treaty the same.

When there is discipline is hard to practice electoral malpractice in Nigeria. Discipline is one of the electoral malpractice prevention in Nigeria.

3. Reforms.

Nigeria government has to make changes in electoral malpractice in Nigeria and Nigerian citizens must practice it in order to improve it. When there is changes in the Nigeria it hard to practice electoral malpractice in the Nigeria.

How to prevent electoral malpractice in Nigeria are Education, Reforms and Disciplinary rules for everyone, with these we can avoid fighting and malpractice in an election.

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