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See The Different Camouflage patterns Used by Nigerian Military

Military camouflage or khaki is the obvious way of identifying a military personnel. Camouflage is an essential part of modern military tactics and a form of military deception.

Some people think that the patterns on the military khaki are random or just for fashion but it has a purpose. The camouflage patterns on the military battledress is designed to protect personnel and equipment from observation by enemy forces. In practice, this means applying colour and materials to either to conceal from observation (crypsis), or appear as something else (mimicry). 

Over the years, The Nigeria Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) has used many camouflage patterns, that is hard to keep track. Currently all Nigerian Armed Forces uses the same desert and woodland camouflage patterns. 

According to Section 110(1) of the Nigerian Criminal Code Act, it is illegal for non military person to wear the uniform of the armed forces, or any part of the uniform of such forces. The only exception is if you have the approval from a governor or the president or for entertainment purposes like shooting a movie or a music video. The penalty for this is 1 month imprisonment or a fine of 10 naira.

Without further ado, here are some of the Nigerian military camouflage textile patterns used for battle dress over the years. 

Note: This is not a complete list and I might have missed some.

Also these patterns sometimes have variations depending on the country using it. 

1. Vertical Lizard pattern

Notes: It was used during the Nigerian Civil War.

Place of Origin: France

Used by: Nigerian Troops (1967-1970)

2. US Woodland (M81)

Notes: Nigerian military has used several other variants produced in Asia (China).

Place of Origin: United States.

Used by: Nigerian Armed Forces 

Another variation

3. Central European pattern

Country of Origin: France

Used by: Nigerian Military

4. British Desert 2-color DPM

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Used by: Nigerian Army (2011-2012)

5. US 3-color Desert

Country of Origin: United States

Used by: Nigerian Army (2009-present)

6. Chinese Navy Type 87 blue camouflage

Notes: This is an updated version of the old design and it differs from the PLN design.

Country of Origin: China

Used by: Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service aka SBS (2011-present)

7. Marine Pattern aka MARPAT ( Both temperate and desert version)

Country of Origin: United States

Used by: Nigerian Armed Forces Special Forces (2017-present)

but I hope you found this article enlightening and thanks for your time.

I hope you found this article enlightening.

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