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The Rocks on Each other in Iragbiji

There is a City in Osun State called Iragbiji. There used to be two rocks on each other until some years ago when the rock on top fell and scattered. The only recognized rock now is the remaining one on the ground that has no problem.

Like and ShareThe concept of the rock was a means of identification of the City in the olden days. The root of the name of the City was said to be Ira-gbi-iji.

History has it that our great grandfather, Sokungbade, was a great man, a hunter . when he arrived here, he went on hunting expedition to the pick of the hill, Oke Iragbiji. He was chasing an antelope and the antelope entered a hole on top of the hill. History has it that he entered and and the antelope and the hunter came out in front of what we now have as the palace

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