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See the house that was built for these two widow

The wife of the Governor of Anambra State, the Caregiver Family Development Initiative (CAFE), a volunteer organization, Dr. (Mrs.) Eblechukwu Obiano (Osotime) has called for self-discipline and adherence to the Kovit-19 protocols. To prevent the spread of coronavirus in our communities.

Ozodiem requested that the two widows be handed over two freely built houses on May 5, 2020, each at Akwuhetti, Nunvi South and Igbou Gwu in the Akwata Local Government Area.

Ozodim said the arrival of the corona virus has changed our world and that there is a new rule that says, 'If you want to stay alive, stay home.'

In her words:

"Since this epidemic started, we have all been rooting for our homes. Unfortunately, some of our sisters are not comfortable with the lack of a head roof. That's why I decided to come out today to reassure our sisters. Stay at home and stay safe by the way. "

He further advised the people of Akwaheedi and Igbokwe to "be disciplined and accountable by observing basic health and social distance." This coronavirus virus is real and can kill if you don't do the simple things: use a mask when you leave your home, wash your hands with soap regularly, use cleansers and avoid crowded areas. "

Mrs Opiano promised to provide the household furniture and televisions needed within the week to ensure the comfort of the beneficiaries. He called on everyone to learn to help others who are less privileged, especially at this time.

"Don't wait until you make it big, do your best to help others now, no matter how small. You are encouraged to support what we do by donating to CAFE, and we will accept your support," Osotime said.

Speaking on the occasion, Member of the Nunvi South II constituency, Anambra State Legislator Hon Hon Janposko Akkebobi, commended the governor's wife and her volunteer work for best remembrance of a tribal widow in Akwahedi. He said, "We also thank our Governor, your husband, for giving us all the support you need to touch life."

In the same vein, Hon Hon Oki Okoye, a member of the Akumata constituency at Anambra State House, prayed to Ozodime: "May God bless you and your husband Jesus, who has blessed you to transform this widow's place in Igbou Qwu into a brand new home.""

Speaking further, Women Affairs Commissioner Lady Ntdi Mezou conveyed the greetings of the women and children of Akwaheedi and Igbou Kwu to the Governor's wife. Two widows are able to hand over the house to the dreaded corona virus.

Earlier, the Chairperson of the Transition Committee, Nanvi Southern Local Area Hon Hon Siyaloka Okoye thanked Ms Obiano for constructing a house for a widow in the council area. Her Hondu Achaeva Representative, Hon Hon Eche Ezebe, said that they are truly proud of all of Ozodime's charity projects and that they are eagerly praying that God will keep her and her husband Agboguide healthy for continuing to work for the good of the NT Anambra.

Beneficiaries Mrs. Ifeoma Ogfanukwu of Umunwehi Village, Akwaheedi and Mrs. Monica Okeke of Esihu Village thanked Osodim for the excellent gift and prayed that God would bless him and his family. Twenty-seven of these houses were built and are now handed over to the beneficiaries by CAFE. Another will be appointed in Osupulu and will be delivered later.

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