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Why no one on Earth can sue Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II ruler of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. She is a modest and dignified monarch and also the most travelled monarch because she has been to 116 countries. That being said, we have to know that there are some laws she can decide not to follow and she won't be sued to any court.

That's not all,

1. She doesn't have to follow speed limit.

2. She doesn't need a driving license (I've mentioned this before in a previous article).

3. She doesn't need a passport (I've explained why in my previous article).

4. She is exempt from the freedom of information requests which means she has the right to not give information.

5. She doesn't have to pay taxes but she has voluntarily paid taxes since 1992.

6. She can start a war.

7. She protects all children and has the right to take someone's child. She has never done this.

8. She has a right to vandalize property.

9. She can break any law. She is above the law.

10. The Queen owns all the sea creatures in the British waters.

Now that I have your attention, let's go to why she can't be sued. First, bear in mind that it is legally impossible to sue the Queen, she can't testify in court, she has the right not to provide evidence in a court and she can't be prosecuted. This is due to the fact that she possesses sovereign immunity. Now let me break down this for you to understand.

No arrest can be made in the presence of the Queen without her permission. If she's in another country, she is diplomatic immunity. Court cases performed in her territory are prosecuted in her name as Crown versus whoever is being charged so if she is sued, it'll be Crown versus Crown which technically means she's suing herself. That's not all, I mentioned earlier that no one can be arrested in the presence of the Queen without her permission, so technically you can't arrest her because it will be in her presence and she won't give her permission obviously. She can shut down any attempt made to arrest her by just telling the officer to go away because the police themselves swear an oath that reads in part, 'I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable (as the case may be).

Interestingly, all prisoners in the United Kingdom of Great Britain are held at 'Her Majesty's leisure' which means she can pardon any prisoner at will. Now let's say the impossible happens and she is taken prison, she can just pardon herself and go.

Even if the parliament decide to change the law to limit her power, they'll need Royal Assent. The Royal Assent comes directly from the Queen herself and obviously she won't grant any Assent to limit her own power. Aside that, she can dissolve the parliament and cause new set of people to be elected. She can do it any number of time she likes.

Now even if she is forced to abdicate which removes all protection she enjoys. However, after abdication she can only be charged for future crimes and not crimes she commits as Queen. The Queen also appoints the Prime Minister. She can appoint anyone she wanted to the position regardless of the way the British public voted in any elections.

She is the commander in chief of the British Armed Forces. They also swear oath of allegiance to the Queen. Now let's say the the parliament members refuse to leave, she can just ask the Armed Forces to remove them, in fact she can have them lined up and executed. If she gives an order there is no authority on Earth that could legally override it save for herself.

Assuming she orders the murder of someone, any investigation wouldn't lead anywhere because the Queen cannot be questioned in court and she also has the right to not give information. If she orders an airstrike or that a nuclear weapon be dropped in any nation and the other nation wants to respond, she can make her army bigger by commandeering any ships that entered British waters and by commanding the various armies of the Commonwealth all of whom swear oath of fealty to the Crown. That's a lot of nations and military might. Plus an attack on any Commonwealth nation is like an attack on UK.

At the end of day however, the Queen swore an oath to her subjects and she takes it seriously. In her speech at her 21st birthday, she stated 'I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong'.


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