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If Nigeria seperate into 3 different countries Haus Igbo Yoruba, which country would suffer most?

I am sure that we are aware that there are over 250 ethnic groups in the country. The three groups I mentioned might not be enough to form a nation.

That being said, let's assume that what you mean is Hausa representing the whole northern Nigeria, Yoruba the western region of Nigeria, and Igbo comprising of the eastern and south-south regions.

The country that will be least prosperous (suffer as you called it) is the one that repeats the same mistakes of Nigeria. By not recognizing that the strength of a nation is not what it has inside the ground or the size, the strength of a nation is in her people united by a common purpose. To build a prosperous nation you must make sure that every person feel welcomed and a part of the country. In so doing, in whatever position that they find themselves, they will do all it takes to move the country forward. They will fight for the nation!

You therefore cannot say literally who will “suffer” or not, it depends on the one that will organize themselves well, lead an inclusive government that will uplift her people.

My point is on the “people” because as you are aware, every region and even state in Nigeria have natural resources, but the natural resources alone does not make a nation rich (as Nigeria have proven) nor does population (as some other smaller countries have proven). That a country like Nigeria with abundant human and natural resources is wallowing in poverty is a big shame.

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