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Battle For The Senate: Yala Must Complete Dr. Rose Oko's 2019-2023 Term At The Senate - Solomon Asha

I have been quit for sometime as regards the various political interests shown by some politicians from the Northern Senatorial District, to take over and complete the Senatorial mandate given to the Late Distinguished Senator Dr. Rose Oko.

While as a person I agree that each individual seeking to take over from late Oko from where she stopped have the right to do so as a citizen, so long as such a person meets the constitutional provisions, I do not however agree with the idea that the late Senator Oko mandate which Northern Cross Riverians gave Yala, should be short-changed because the former occupant of that position is unfortunately no more.

My position as an individual and as a citizen of Cross River State and Northern Senatorial District in particular, is that a competent citizen of Yala with the requisite credentials to fit into the shoes which the late political Amazon Senator Dr. Oko, has left should be overwhelmingly voted to be our voice at the Red upper Chambers of the National Assembly.

Any attempt by the PDP as a party to part with the party ticket to a person from another Local Government Area of the zone, to fly PDP flag will seriously grief the principles of Justice, equity and fairness and the spirit of Rose Oko will be highly offended.

If you ask me who in my personal opinion is capable to fly the flag of the great People's Democratic party (PDP), to complete and assuage the spirit of late Senator Dr. Oko, from Yala, I will simply tell you that it is no other personality than Dr. Barr. Stephen Odey, who fortunately is currently one of those in the race for the position.

Some persons may be surprised why Solomon Asha is supporting a candidate from Yala, when he was one of those who strongly campaigned for the northern Senatorial slot to go to Ogoja, and specifically to Thomas Udam (TIMMYTOM). The reason was that since in the history of the Senatorial District Ogoja citizen has never represented the district at the red floor legislative chamber in Abuja, it was proper that Ogoja should be supported for that slot.

Sadly as we all know, while some of us were going all out for equity, Justice and fairness, some including some prominent personalities from Ogoja didn't see it that way but saw and felt that politics should be played raw as it is known at all levels without conscience. The fact remains that we cannot eat our cake and still expect to have it, just as what goes around comes around.

My position and those of my colleagues collectively was altruistic and based on the spirit if equity, Justice and fairplay that what is good for the goose is equally palatable for the gander. It is equally based on the same principles of equity, Justice and fairplay that I as a person and others are maintaining that Yala person started the race but unfortunately God took her home, and it is fair and natural Justice that the person to complete that mandate given to Dr. Oko and Yala in 2019 should be completed by Yala.

That was then. While a few of us including myself, Odama Grooveydee Abednego,Odama Raphael Adula, Emmanuel Ulayi, Agbor Mathias, Mark Idrah, Ogbor Charles Ogbor, Akuku Achilles, Mathias Ogar etc. personally toured the five Local Government Areas of the district, meeting with traditional rulers and the people on the propriety of giving the Senate slot to Ogoja, some Ogoja sons were rather in favour of Yala maintaining the position.

Some of us were seen as anti- Rose Oko, perhaps even our late Amazon herself may have seen it so. But the clear truth is that my position and that of my colleagues individually and collectively was hinged on equity, Justice and fairness to the Ogoja people and not in anyway as a result of hatred for Oko. Those who know me very well know that I, Solomon Asha bear no grudge towards any person, I May disagree with your ways, action but will not hate you as a person because I have no right to do so.

I stand on the principles that each person, group of persons and communities should be given their dues irrespective of their political, social,.and economic standings or whether they are lacking in the so-called political, social and economic claws.

Conscience will not permit a man like me to vote for anyone outside Yala LGA to carry on with late Senator Dr. Oko's 2019-2023 term in office, and as a person, I'm fully convinced that Barr. Dr. Stephen Odey fit the mould and as such he should be given the mandate to lead the northern Senatoeial district at the Senate beyond where Oko left.

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