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Nigeria did not have a president or heads-of-State for Three years. And this is the major reason.

Nigeria did not have a president or heads-of-State for three years. And this is the major reason.

Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe become the First Governor-General of Nigeria from 16th November, 1960 - 30th September 1963. He only became the president in the year 1963, the position he held till his government was overthrown by Aguyi Ironsi through a military coup in 1966.

Then, who was Nigeria's president or head of state between 1960-1963? The answer is not far-fetched, just read on!

Although Nigeria gained independence from the United Kingdom (Britain) on 1st October, 1960, the nation retained the British monarch, Elizabeth II, until the adoption of a new constitution in 1963 declaring the nation a republic.

Tafawa Balewa as at Nigeria independence in 1960, was the First and the only Prime Minister Nigeria ever had and was re-elected in 1964 until he was overthrown and murdered in the 1966 coup.

From the above, one can easily conclude that Nigeria didn't have anything like a president between 1960-1963 though independent, we still relied on the leadership by proxy which was being led then by The Queen of England. However, the whole thing changed on 1st October, 1963 when Nigeria became a Republic, The Federal Republic of Nigeria. Long live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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