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Why Fulani Group Leader Warned Southern Governors That Rotation Of Presidency Will Not Work In 2023

The quest of Southern Governors to have a Southern President in 2023 is already generating reactions from top political leaders in Northern Nigeria who are not happy with the way Southern Governors are going about it.

The 17 Southern Governors are their Asaba, Lagos and Enugu meetings insisted that the power must shift to the South in 2023.

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A few days ago, the Northern Governors rejected power shift adding that such is not in the constitution of Nigeria.

According to Vanguard newspaper, a Fulani group leader, Professor Labdo has warned Southern Governors that power shift cannot work in 2023. This will form the basis of our discussion in this article. 

Why did Professor Labdo, a Fulani leader warn the Southern Governors that rotation of Presidency will never work in 2023? 

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To start with, Professor Labdo's position is not different from what an average Northerner believes about the 2023 presidential election.

He thinks that we are in a democracy therefore it is only votes that will decide who becomes the President of Nigeria in 2023.

My understanding is that Professor Labdo is against the way Southern Governors are going about it.

Take, for instance, The Southern Governors have consistently used 'MUST' when demanding power shift in 2023.

The North sees it as intimidation and blackmail knowing that it has the voting strength to produce another President in 2023.

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Another statement which Professor Labdo made that sounds like a hurdle is that a Southerner will need 25 percent of votes cast in 24 states of Nigeria including FCT to emerge the President of Nigeria in 2023.

Analysing this statement which is clearly stated in the constitution of Nigeria, the South has only 17 states while the North has 19 including Abuja which falls in the Northern geographical location.

Even if the Southern presidential candidate wins in all 17 Southern states, he still needs 7 more states which are in the North to make up the 24 states.

This is why Professor Labdo believes that the 2023 Southern President cannot work unless the Southern Governors change their strategy and ask the North for support.

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