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The Most Embarrassing Thing Buhari Revealed During His Nationwide Broadcast

It was a joyful moment as Nigeria celebrated her 61st Anniversary yesterday being October 1, 2021. It was her 61st birthday, a day to mark her freedom as a Nation.

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As President Muhammadu Buhari was giving a Nationwide broadcast to mark the anniversary, he addressed many pressing issues in the country. 

But there was a point he revealed which I found very embarrassing. That was the most embarrassing issue he pointed out yesterday, during his Nationwide broadcast.

What is this Point?

As reported by SunNews, President Buhari revealed that some top leaders in Nigeria are among the people sponsoring Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho on their secession agenda. He went further to reveal that a certain Member of the National Assembly is one of the sponsors.

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Though I knew that there must be people sponsoring Kanu and Igboho on their secession agenda, I never believed that some of our political leaders would be part of the sponsors. I never believed that those that supposed to be major promoters of unity in Nigeria would turn to be sponsoring secessionists.

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Does that not sound embarrassing? Of course, it is very embarrassing, especially to Nigeria Government. I was disappointed in them, and of course, such leaders are disappointments to Nigeria Government.

These are people that are expected to lead by example. These are people that are expected to be the major advocates of unity in Nigeria. These are people that are expected to be a role models to the masses; the masses are always looking up to them, the masses are always learning from them.

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Then imagine if a source of water is polluted, what do you think would be the condition?

If some of the political leaders are promoting Nigeria's breakup, if some of the political leaders are sponsoring secessionists; then what would you expect from the masses whom they lead?

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I am very sure that the day those political leaders were sworn in to their respective positions, they all vowed to use their political positions to promote peace and unity in the country. 

Then what is happening now? Are they still using the position to promote peace and unity as they vowed? 

If some of the political leaders are now sponsoring the secessionists, then it means that they are no more in support of unity in Nigeria, hence they are now more credible to occupy the political positions.

This is because you cannot put an enemy of Nigeria or someone who does not support Nigeria, to lead Nigeria.

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What I suggest is that any political leader identified to be sponsoring secessionists should be impeached or removed from their position.

What is your view about this?

What do you think should be done to such leaders?

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