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Opinion: Asari Dokubo's View About The Presidency Shift And How He Does Not Want To Fight Anymore

Popular political figure in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, Asari Dokubo recently had an interview with Chukwudi Akasike of the Punch News. In the interview, Asari Dokubo discussed how the younger sister of his friend's wife was kidnapped, and how she is yet to be released even after they paid ransom to her abductors. Other issues about the situations of the country were also discussed.

One of the questions thrown by Chukwudi was why Asari Dokubo has been recently silent about the growing issues in the country. In his response, the political figure said that he is tired of people always complaining about him being a noisemaker and also a quiet person. He said that whenever he decides to voice out his mind, some people would say that he is making noise and now that he is quiet, people are still complaining.

Asari Dokubo is popularly known for always coming out to call out the authorities on issues concerning the Niger Delta region, but just as observed, he has been completely silent over the issues concerning both Niger Delta and Nigeria in general. This may be unconnected to the decision made by Asari Dokubo not to fight for anybody anymore.

Why Asari Dokubo decided to stop fighting for his people.

When Asari Dokubo was asked what he thinks about the presidency shifting to the South, despite the North showing interest to hold on to power beyond 2023. The Niger Delta individual made it clear that he is not contesting for the position, perhaps if he was, he might have fought. He also stated that the people who stand to benefit from the Presidency shift to the South are not fighting, neither are their children.

Asari Dokubo said he cannot fight for these people who do not want to fight for themselves.

This may mean that Asari Dokubo is tired of fighting for the people who want something different for themselves. He may have decided to keep quiet about the issue of presidency because his efforts are not being felt in the region he is fighting for, thus may have decided to live his life quietly and let those who want to fight to do so 

What is your thought about Asari Dokubo's statement?

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