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Exposing The Secret Behind Poverty And Underdevelopment In Nigeria

When you go to Dubai, you will see only good things and hear only good news. People are rushing to Dubai like water. Dubai Government have a tracker to trace and prosecute anyone who post bad news that happens in Dubai on social media without judgement.

When you say demeaning things against the leader of Dubai, you will be prosecuted. You must say only good things about DUBAI and the leader.

Words are very powerful. Whatever you say is what you will see. Words are seeds, you reap exactly what you sow. 

In Nigeria, the media advertise bad news for free but you pay for the media to carry the good news you have done and not all media houses can accept to publish good news on their bulletins, no matter how much you pay them.

ZUGACOIN is money, exactly like Naira and Dollar. People have been buying bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies with heavy amount of money. I gave Billions of Naira worth of ZUGACOIN to Nigerians free of charge.

Nobody can talk about it including the beneficiaries. Many people sold ZUGACOIN I gave them for free in Millions of Naira but they don't want anyone to know. ZUGACOIN is the first Cryptocurrency in the world to launch cash withdrawal 3 months after ICO.

Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga is the only CEO of Cryptocurrency who owns a wallet, 2 exchange platforms and a tracker within the space of 3 months. All these are not news.

People are massively withdrawing ZUGACOIN to cash but the only thing you can see on social media is: I paid since two years I have not been credited, I click withdrawal for 10 years but I didn't receive alert, this whole thing is a scam, the cost of E-pin is too high, Samzuga wallet has been suspended, this one is not working and that one is not good.

What actually do we want to achieve by sharing bad news very fast but feel reluctant to share good news? If you continue like this, one day you will discover yourself in worst situation and circumstances that cannot be controlled.

I Bishop Dr Sam Zuga have serve my generation, even if you don't want to say it now, but you will be forced to say it the day I will leave this world.

Those good words you speak on people's burials, could have helped the person why he or she was alive to ginger him to do more. Many people died of depression and frustration as a result of bad news.

Below are the evidence of massive cash withdrawal from ZUGACOIN on daily basis.

Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga (Jehovah's Field Marshall)

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