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Open Letter To President Buhari: Quarantine NDDC Headquaters in Rivers State

Your Excellency,

Based on the testament made Dr Joi Nunieh, quarantine NDDC if you mean well for the people of Niger Delta.

Since 2003-2020 over 3 trillion or more has been allocated to region. Yet there are no impact of NDDC on Niger Delta in terms of mega projects. Rather NDDC has become a political Commission for sponsoring political activities of politicians in the region.

The massive and normal corruption in NDDC is disturbing. The flagrant corrupt tendencies in NDDC clearly shows that for the agency to perform optimally it should be quarantine. All staff transfered to Ministry of Niger Delta Affair. NDDC should become a "Project Financing Institute" or "Bank of Infrastructure" in the Niger Delta.

NDDC should be defused from being a commission and an appendage of the Presidency. From the testament of Dr Joi Nunieh that she was coerced to spend 10 billion for Christmas Palliative and the revelation that Prof. Pondei spent 1.5 billion for COVID 19 palliative and 1.85 billion for Palliative for Niger Delta is simply outrageous.

The systemic corruption in NDDC, for effectiveness, should be quarantined. Since NDDC is a Development Commission government should allow development experts to run the agency. NDDC by it current structure is wired to fail. 

A commission without a board and competent MD and Directors but Interim Management Committee is a structured to fail. IMC knows their time is short lived so they would want to steal funds meant for development in the shortest possible time since they are on interim appointment.

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