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Opinion: why Igbokwe supporting Buhari loan move is no surprise.

The president, federal republic of Nigeria is about to borrow, yet again. This trend of borrowing has been the pattern lately.

President Buhari (

Whiles most Nigerians feel it is a bad idea given the debt record of Nigeria, and that not much is shown for all the borrowing, some politicians like Joe Igbokwe still support the idea. Even the house of assembly tend to give a pass each time, but why?

Joe Igbokwe (

Possible reason 1.

The first possible reason is that Nigeria is actually in need of those funds. So much needs to be funded, ranging from fuel subsidy to salaries. Furthermore, with states recently attempting to keep their VAT, instead of allowing the FIRS, on behalf of the federal government, collect them. This will most put the federal government in dire financial situation. Thus, a loan is needed to keep the ship sailing.

Map of Nigeria showing all the states and the FCT(

Possible reason 2.

Politicians like Joe Igbokwe tow the loyalty line to the end. Even if they think it is unnecessary piling up debt, they still have to play the part of loyalists to APC and to the government. For people like Igbokwe, the country is run perfectly and he probably believes that too.

Possible reason 3.

People like Igbokwe are used to being in the people's faces with unpopular opinions. To him, it is his duty to defend a government that appears to be regularly attacked by the people. Being an APC chieftain, he must feel it is his responsibility to fight for the party.


Possible reason 4.

This is the personal reasons part. Being a government employee, a broke government can not pay salaries. No civil servant wants to be owed. So, they generally will support whatever move that ensures it does not happen.

Just like he said, he supports the borrowing by 130%, if it will be invested in infrastructure, the if part is worrisome. This means he does not really know what it will be used for.

We do hope, that it is as he thought, that this is not borrowing to spend, rather to invest. We as a country are owing a lot presently.

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