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"What Are They Doing With It"?- Reactions As Israel Woman Were Pictured Walking Around With Ammo

Culture is diverse in numerous places. What is acceptable in your nation maybe be an evil entity when you go to another nation. This is the situation with the citizens of Israel as they are the main country where ladies are permitted to move around with M16 assault rifles. 

Isreal is situated in the Middle East nation on the Mediterranean Sea and is viewed as the Holy Land by the vast majority, including Jews, Christians, because of its biblical foundation. Some holy spots are in Jerusalem. Israel is a nation with numerous biblical background and they are to be adored of God.

As of recent, pictures of Isreal ladies have surfaced online where they are strolling around with M16 assault riffles and this is creating a great deal of surprise and response from soccial media users.

Here are some portion of the responses 

A Twitter user named OnyangoOngoya stated thst, The most paranoid people in the whole world. A thief or criminal is always worried their victims might pay back”

Another Twitter user named Daddy Lewa stated that, “If the women could carry rifles around like this, then what do u think the men will be carrying? Lol pls”

See the full responses beneath.

What's your thoughts on this act as well ?.And do you think can bring this act to those women in Israel.

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