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Opinion: Can Nigeria Ever Produce a Female President?

Research shows that the Nigerian Population as at today, has about half of it if not more, to be constituted by women. They play very vital roles as mothers, administrators, teachers et al. In their homes, they display the characteristics of good leaders who leas with tended love and care.

Despite been all of these, the Nigerian Women are been are not given a fair play to participate in the politica system or even become leaders or heads at some point.

In past times, it has been argued that women cannot participate in politics. They are regarded as weaker sexes and as such, cannot be given that opportunity to handle the power of state.

 The 1979 Constitution guaranteed a 50% of women participation in politics. This can only be said to be when they come to vote, or hold lower positions at the local or even state levels.

In our Nigerian society and political environment at large, there is this archaic belief system that brings down the significance of female in governance. It's like a normal thing seeing or overseeing the male folks, graciously discuss 100000000 reasons which are quite outrageous to listen to, on why a woman should and will never be able to lead, that is,“ How woman go the rule us way be men?" "E no dey normal and possible abeg” “ Woman no go Sabi how to rule abeg, dem no Sabi anything”. All these snide remarks have over the years subconsciously played one on the general mentality and psyche of the Nigerian lady and her participation in governance and governance-related fields.


1. Women's rights would take a spectacular turn for the better.

2. There would be lesser war.

3. There will be an arrival in diplomacy.

4. Little girls would be inspired to reach their peak.

5. There will be respect for human lives.

6. There would be gender equality.

There are lots of women presidents doing so well for themselves and their respective countries. The likes of Sahle Work Zewde of Ethiopia is doing well, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did well before she handed over to George Leah of Liberia, and many others.

In the past general election, there were women who came out to contest for presidency but they couldn't win, because of financial strength and of course, the political strength of the male folks, Sarah Nnadzaa Jibril and Oby Ezekwesili are perfect examples of the Presidential aspirants.

Let's give the women a chance.

Or what do you think?

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