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How many Hong Kong citizens will actually leave Hong Kong for good?

On 25 June 2020, it was reported at least 200 protesters (only more than 200) in Taiwan. Taiwan government has been very active in supporting protests in Hong Kong, but they only took more than 200 by 25 June, and most were on tourist visas, which means they could not stay long. I have not read any statistics, but have noticed that majority of the posts in Taiwan’s forums oppose Taiwan’s accepting Hong Kong protesters as residents. For example:  The reasons are apparent: most protesters disregard rule of law and are generally poor-educated, they cannot bring any economic benefit to Taiwan but may instead bring chaos. I’m sure that U.K. and Australia do not want to take those protesters, especially those violent protesters, either. They could not bring any real benefit to U.K. or Australia. People most likely to leave include (i) expats; (ii) high-skilled professionals; and (iii) very rich people. They have the skills and/or wealth welcomed by many countries. However, many of them are doing China-related businesses, so not very easy to relocate as there’s no other place in the world which has

(a) free economy

(b) good rule of law and

(c) close connection with China at the same time.

At the end, their choices will depend on case-by-case analysis, balancing the threat brought by national security law and the China business opportunities. I really hope that Chinese central government and HK government can act cautiously when implementing national security law, carefully refraining from interfering with the business community. This will be essential for maintaining HK’s prosperity. The situation appears tougher for Hong Kong than I expected. DB began to move, and this news may be only a piece of an iceberg regarding HK’s business community. Although the new national security law may be the direct cause, the year-long riots and the gloomy prospects ahead may be the true reason. Many HKers have no idea how economy operates, they oppose everything related to China, initiated the conflicts and riots and thus open the Pandora’s box. From my personal experience, many HKers believe that by kicking Mainlanders and some foreigners out, HK locals will take most of the employment and business opportunities left out by those people; many other HKers believe that, by kicking out Mainlanders, HK locals can still enjoy the resources and business opportunities provided by Mainland China because “we are unique and China relies on us.” Do you really believe that the main reason for their riots is pursuit of democracy and human rights? Their contempt of and discrimination against Mainland Chinese and their eagerness to protect their pride as HKers, whatever means taken, are a much more important reason. They will eventually destroy their hometown and they deserve the results.

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