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Donald Trump throws an unusual challenge to Joe Biden

The current tenant of the White House took advantage of a media outing that he made this Sunday, July 19, 2020 to launch a challenge to his main challenger on behalf of the next presidential election.

Indeed, during the interview, Danald Trump commented on the poll that was conducted on the mental capacity of the two adversaries to govern the United States.

Thus, according to the results of this survey, 51% of voters think that the Republican billionaire does not have sufficient weapons to be at the head of the United States. On the side of the Democratic candidate, only 39% surveyed had this idea.

“Let's do a test…”

To visibly remove the doubt about his mental capacities to lead the United States, the American president, candidate for his own succession, asked to confront his challenger. “Let's do a test. Let's do a test now.

Let us ask ourselves, Joe and I, and pass a test " , was launched including Donald Trump in an interview. For him, his opponent is too old to claim the post of president of the world's leading power.

"Biden is unable to line up two sentences in a row," mocked the presidential candidate next November.

Without specifying that he considered his challenger to be "senile" , he believes that the Democratic candidate is not competent. “I don't mean that, I would say he's not qualified to be president.

To be president, you have to be quick-witted, solid, and many other things. He doesn't even come out of his basement, ” said Donald Trump in his speech. Note that he has always thrown pikes at Joe Biden whom he accuses of being curled up in his residence in the state of Delaware.

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