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Okonjo-Iweala: WTO drops 3 candidates in race for Director-General

The world trade organisation has dropped three of the candidates who are fighting their way to become the next Director-General of the organisation. Luck has however shone on Nigeria's candidate okonjo-iweala, as the organisation has retained the vibrant Nigerian candidate to remain in the race for the seat.

These developments within the organisation was released on Bloomberg on Friday. According to the report from, the organisation also has plans to drop more candidates in the coming weeks, until there are just two final candidates left for the competition for the seat of the director-general.

The candidates that were dropped include Mexico's candidate, Jesus Seade, Egypt's candidate Hamid Mamdouh and Moldova's candidate, Tudor Ulianovschi.

Photos of the dropped candidates

Moldova's candidate: Tudor Ulianovschi

Mexico's candidate: Jesus Seade

Egypt's candidate: Hamid Mamdouh

These candidates were dropped because they could not secure enough support in a first of three rounds voting. However, the world trade organisation General Council chairman, David Walker, said in a statement on Friday that although these candidates were dropped, their expertise, high professionalism and personal qualities are highly valued and respected by all members of the council.

However, the second phase of consultations is slated to begin on September 24th, and it is expected to run until October 6th, after which the World Trade Organisation would announce two final candidates for the seat.

However, the retaining of Okonjo-Iweala is good news for Nigeria so far.

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