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Mr Metuh's Last Request Before Jail Term: Please Let Me Sit Where I Can Stretch My Legs

Metuh's case should be a lesson to all politicians and people entrusted with public fund, Mr Metuh was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment yesterday (25,02,2020) for money diversion and laundery, he cried out, he said, please I needed to sit where I can stretch my legs. 

Mr Metuh is a big man owing houses home and abroad, he would easily sit any where that comforts him, but he now begs for a place to sit with space to stretch his legs, 

Metuh's story is similar to that of the biblical rich man Lazarus, I believe we all learn from Olisa Metuh's case with the court. 

Should Metuh be allowed to sit and stretch his legs? 

Please, let's SHARE this ARTICLE till it get to all politicians, 

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Lazarus Metuh


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