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Forget IPOB & Oduduwa Republic, Let's Make Nigeria Work

Dear Agitators,

In a time of great civil unrest due to constant yearning for a separate Biafra and Oduduwa states, the decision of the masses must be put into consideration before any motion is moved in support of secession.

I will like to borrow the words of Michelle Obama, "people who are truly strong lift others up. Truly powerful people bring others together." In that light, abandoning the pursuits of Biafra and Oduduwa while channeling the efforts budgeted for these groups in building Nigeria, will serve the ultimate interest of the masses.

Since the decision was made for an agitation of Oduduwa republic, many have expressed their support and concerns in favour and against the movement.

Nigeria as a nation is going through a lot at the moment, due to terrorism, banditry, killer herdsmen, kidnapping just to mention but a few. There are many who have opined that secession was the only solution to the nation's plight - giving several reasons to back up their claims.

If one thing history has thought us is that events repeat itself more often than we think. I will like us to take a cue from Scotland; on their agitations for independence and the prevailing results of such demands.

Scotland prior to their referendum in 2014, had fought several wars with England in a bid to gain independence. Every leader made it a goal to be achieved, but none of them ever put into consideration the desires of their people.

In 2014 when the referendum on was conducted, the people voted 55% for and 45% against independence. And in 2016, their stance was further strengthened on staying EU, when 62% voted to stay and 38% voted to live.

To the greatest surprise of the world the scotts voted against leaving the UK. It is quite evident that Biafrans and indigenes of the Southwest don't favour the separation from Nigeria. This is obvious by the lack of endorsement by any Governor or Ruler in the Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria.

What many truly are clamouring for is a better 'One Nigeria, ' were there is adequate security, social amenities, Jobs e.t.c. This concern is a the federal government is aware of, and they are currently working on the issues to grant Nigerians their innate desires.

The choice of a leader is the reflection of the people's desires. In order not to make the mistake the agitators of Scotland made prior to 2014, it will be wise to back down on such pursuits why it is still possible to do so.

Nigeria as a nation has the largest economy in whole of Africa, and ranked 27th in the globe in terms of PPPRA. Our nation also has a large youthful population of nearly 70%, with the country being projected to be the 3rd most populous nation in the world.

These statistics alone shows that Nigeria has come to a stage where we are guaranteed - that the future is bright for every youth. With a large economy, Nigeria has situated herself in a position where there are numerous opportunities lurking for her youths. These opportunities spans across writing, Music, Movie production and many more.

We must bear in mind the hurdles that follow after secession. It is highly unfavourable for a newly birthed nation to thrive in this current economic climate. This is one of the reasons why the youngest countries in the world are struggling to make a mark.

In time past we went through all of these phases together, knowing that we were on the right course. It is not time to give up but to believe much more in ourselves, and our nation that we can be Giants conquering the world once more again.

Let's shun every idea of secession and let's us lace up the shoes of patriotism. We can both make this nation great once more again. We did it before, we can do it again.

Kindly tell us what your take are on the current agitation of Biafra and Oduduwa Republic, if we are better together or separated.

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