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Fadaka, The Proposed Currency By Group Pushing for Oduduwa Republic

The bid to separate the 3 major Nigerian tribes into countries have lingered until now. Some Yorubas want Oduduwa Republic, some Igbos want Biafra Republic while some Hausas want the Arewa Republic.

A group pushing for the establishment of the Oduduwa Republic has gone ahead to envision what the currency would look like, hence given it a name– Fadaka.

The group took to Twitter to show various denominations of the currency and reiterated that the goal would be to make the currency the strongest currency in Africa, and to place it alongside the Pounds.

In an interview with Sahara Reporters, they expressed their desire to restore the interests of foreign investors once the Republic is firmly established, in the words below:

"Northern terrorism has made many investors have zero interest in investing in our land. They believe that terrorism is everywhere, not knowing that it ends in northern Nigeria.

"If we successfully secede from Nigeria, the investors would be convinced; the lost interest would be restored, which will be good for our economic development,".

Do you think Nigeria would separate eventually? Is this a good idea?

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Source: Sahara Reporters, Twitter.

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