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How The Hope Of PDP Taking Over Power From The APC In Cross River State Is Crashing

Recently, the political debate in Cross River State has been built around where the next governor should come from.

I have seen some people who campaigned for “power rotation” some years ago now saying where the next governor comes from does not matter (they now say only “merit” matters).

I have also seen people who agitated for “merit” now saying the next president must come from a particular region. Let’s just say hypocrisy is the spice of politics.

In Cross River State, the issue of zoning is mainly discussed by the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). You hardly hear or see the members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) discuss the issue of zoning. The APC is gradually building momentum and capitalizing on the rift going on in the PDP.

In this article, we look at recent happenings that suggest that hope of PDP taking over power from the APC in 2023 is crashing.

Firstly, one of the strengths the PDP has always had over the APC is the spirit of oneness. Right from the days of Donald Duke, the PDP had always worked together, especially during elections. But as it stands now, zoning has divided the party.

Stakeholders and bigwigs in the party now openly attack each other because everyone wants the 2023 election to favor them. With the way things are going, it is very clear that APC will thrash the PDP in the 2023 governorship election in the state, except the PDP come together again and build a formidable force.

Secondly, On Wednesday, 10th November 2021, the APC took over the PDP Secretariat at the Murtala Mohammed Highway Calabar for the second time. The APC is doing all they can to frustrate every effort of the PDP to be united.

PDP Secretariat at Murtala Mohammed Highway Calabar

Before now, the AIG Zone 6 had instructed both parties to stall administrative duties in the Secretariat until an investigation into the matter was properly concluded. It was surprising to witness the invasion of the Secretariat which has been under lock and key.

Thirdly, one of the formidable forces and advantages the PDP had over the APC is the three senators coming from the PDP.

The three senators at the PDP convention

The APC in the state has no senator. Before now, it was believed that the three senators would come up with a workable plan for their district to take over power from the APC. But the three senators are no more in one accord because of personal interest. They are now working against each other.

Photo of Sandy Onor

The Senator representing Cross River Central, Sandy Onor has now indicated an interest in the governorship position.

Photo of Jarigbe Agom

The Senator representing Cross River North, Jarigbe Agom has said he is not in support of zoning anymore, that everyone should be allowed to contest.

Photo of Gershom Bassey

The Senator representing Cross River South, Gershom Bassey has become shocked with the new decision of the other two senators. 

The APC on other hand is happy that they are not united anymore, which implies that their hope of giving the APC a tough battle is crumbling.

Let's watch and see how more things unfold.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Feel free to like, share and drop your comments.

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