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How to Have A Satisfactory Independence Celebration With Little Money

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Nigeria is celebrating Independence Today. Today, Nigeria will be marking her 61st Independence from the British Colonial Masters.

Different Malls today will be filled with so many people. Restaurants will also have many individuals trooping in. Cinema Houses will be full. Amusement parks will not be left out. Every event places will be filled with so many people across the country.

Comedians, Artists and churches will organise events which will also be attended by many. Some will be in the morning and some will be in the evening.

Each of these events will require much money. The organizers of the event will spend money, those in attendance will also spend money to purchase tickets which is attached with a gate fee.

In celebrating independence today, you can have a satisfactory celebration in the following ways.

Cook your own food: The prices of food commodities in the markets across the country is on the high side. To celebrate today, if you visit the restaurants with your entire family, you will be spending much money. So prepare your own food in a special way and celebrate with your family.

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Produce Pastry or snacks by yourself: To cut down cost, you can bake cake at home, prepare meet pie, sausage rolls, peanuts etc. Instead of buying from outside, you can prepare it at the comfort of your home. It is even more hygienic as you will take your time to prepare it in a clean environment.

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Go For A Family Picnic: with your homemade foods and homemade pastries. You can go out with your family. Go with a few cloths to spread. Celebrate the day with what you have.

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Share: show love to others too in your neighborhood. This does not cost much. Put a smile on someone's face. Share your food with someone. Buy air time for someone no matter how little it is. 

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You can have the best of your day without spending much. You can have a few drinks and cook the family's favourite food. Make someone smile, and you'll smile too. 

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