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Opinion: If PDP Could Consider Any of These 2 Men for 2023 Ticket, It May End APC's Reign in Nigeria

One major mistake that can bring down the Peoples Democratic Party ahead of 2023 presidential election is the decision to stick to their old strategy of chosing a moneybag politician from the north as its presidential candidate for the general election.

As at now, Abubabakar who was the last flagbearer of the party has been seen as the only candidate capable of securing the party ticket and contest for the presidency. This is largely due to his financial muscle and sprawling influence across the country.

He is stinkingly rich and has what it takes to buy anyone buyable in the party to swing the pendulum towards his side. Not only that, PDP has been out of power at the federal level for many years and the party will definitely need money to survive if it wants to remain relevant in the scheme of Nigeria politics.

However, if PDP really means business in 2023, placing priority on zoning arrangement is the only way to make things happen. Going by the arrangement of the ruling party, the next president of Nigeria is expected to come from the south. PDP is also expected to take a cue from this formula irrespective of its own arrangement.

With what Nigerians have experienced under the current administration in the last six years, money may likely be immaterial in the process of electing the next president. Hence, Alhaji Atiku Abubabakar and his bag of money may also not be significant to the choice of the people in 2023.

This therefore explains reason the PDP needs to beam its searchlight to the Southern region of the country for presidential material if it actually wants to wrestle power from the grip of APC. Basically, these two politicians from the south will get the job done if they are given the ticket and party support.

1. Peter Obi  

The former governor of Anambra state tested the water in 2019 when he ran alongside the former Vice president, Atiku Abubabakar as his running mate. Although, he had been a governor for eight years, many Nigerians did not seem to know much of his intellectual capacity until he ran as a vice presidential candidate.

Peter Obi is not just a politician without substance, he is an intellectual heavyweight who has the capacity to transform the dwindling fortune of the country to an economically prosperous Nation. 

If Nigerians were to be routing for the future, they would have done everything to bring him onboard in 2019. He has all it takes to take Nigeria to the next level and this is exactly what was noticed in him at his first shot for vice presidential seat. He has already registered himself in the consciousness of the people and it is obvious Nigerians will be glad to give him a chance if presented by his party.

PDP should not make a mistake about his candidacy in 2023.

2. Another potential candidate that is capable of winning the seat for PDP is Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State.

Wike whose tenure will expire as a two term governor of his state is a man whom cannot be possibly ignored in the politics of Nigeria. Hate or love him, Wike is a terror to the APC government both at the state and federal level.

For him to have singlehandedly won his second term election and also won state assembly for his candidate is a demonstration of his political strength in Nigeria. He is currently the only opposition governor who can stamp his feet against the anti-people's policies of the present APC government.

He stood for Godwin Obaseki in Edo and despite all the storms blowing against him both within and outside the State, he delivered the state for PDP and brought the federal might to nothing. Wike is a dogged and indomitable politician that can make things happen for PDP at the federal level.

But the question is: will they consider him worthy of the ticket? If only PDP can place priority on people's agitation

and spread its net beyond money bag politics, these two men will bring them back to power in 2023 and consequently end APC reign in Nigeria.

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