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Obaseki We Are Suffering Please Pay Us Our 11 Months Salary -Massive Protest Hits Edo Govt House

Obaseki We Are Suffering Please Pay Us Our 11 Months Salary -Massive Protest Hits Edo Govt House

There is an ongoing massive protest by staff of the College of Education Ekiadolor over the inability of the Edo State Government to pay them over 11 months salary owed the staff of the institution.

The staff are currently in front of the Government House and have blocked all movement coming in and out of Government House Benin City.

Putting on mostly black and black the staff of the institution have vowed that they would remain at the Government house till Obaseki pays up every single dime they are owed.

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According to one of the protesters he claims that the inability of the EDSG to pay them their salaries has brought untold hardship to their families.

He wondered how the Government expects them to feed and take care of their families when they have refused to be compassionate enough to pay them their salaries.

"This Government is the most insensitive government we have ever had in the history of our beloved State.

They have completely lost their sense of direction and are immune to the cries of the masses.

Obaseki has refused to listen to our pleas of mercy and instead is only interested in his selfish desire to come back for a second term.

Homes have been broken because of no money to take care of family responsibilities yet Obaseki is busy spending billions on endorsement deals.

Tell the Government to please pay up our salaries we are dying one by one over the inability to pay us what we are owed."

The protesters were mostly dressed in black.

This is a developing story as more details to follow.

 Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah reporting for iReporteronline.

Content created and supplied by: EdoFocus (via Opera News )

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