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See Photos of the World's Shortest and Tallest Men.

Hello Everyone, in our article today we'll be looking at two of God's wonderful creations which are the shortest man to ever walk the earth and also the Tallest to ever walk the earth.

First let's meet Mr. Chandra Bahadur Dangi a Nepali man who was the most Shortest Man in written history for whom there is evident proof, estimating 54.6 cm, Dangi was an early stage dwarf. He broke the record of Gul Mohammed, who formerly held the record at 57 cm.

He was Conceived on 30 November 1939, Salyan, Nepal 

Passed on: 3 September 2015, Pago, American Samoa 

Height: 55 cm 

Nationality: Nepali

Check out these amazing man's pictures:

Next we meet Sultan Kösen a Turkish public figure, farmer and herder of Kurdish plunge who holds the Guinness World Record for tallest living male at 251 centimeters (8ft 2.82). 

Kösen's development came about because of the condition acromegaly, brought about by a tumor influencing hispituitary organ. Because of his condition, he utilizes supports (crutches) to walk. 

He was born to a Kurd family in the southeastern Turkey city Mardin, he is the seventh tallest man in history.

Check out these photos of him:

Amazing indeed. And here I am at 6ft 2in feeling like I'm the tallest in the world 😭.

Now check this photos they took together which set a record in the Guiness books of records.

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Sources: Wikipedia, Google and Guineas book of records.

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