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See How People Get Initiated Into Cultism In Nigeria

Cultism in Nigeria is indeed a disease that is spreading rapidly and corrupting the good youths. The government has been fighting to help eradicate this evil act amongst teens from the society but so far, progress has not been made.

The society of today makes it look as of a person can not survive and archive anything in life without belonging to a particular cult group or another. Especially in politics these days , most of the people with power are all members of different type of groups.

People get iniated into cult through the following ways:

(1)√ Hunger for power:

Politicians for example or those who wants to go into politics for instance, for most of them to be able to secure themselves a position in government, they have to be part of these evil groups to get support/backing from top officials. We do see such type of act in the Nigerian universities a lot.

(2)√ Wanting to be famous:

For some people who try their possible best to be famous in their zones but has to method of making it a reality end up joining cults. Once a person is in a cult in nigeria, you will indeed get the wild recognition from many people. Your name will be like music among your peers.

(3)√ Hunger for making easy and fast money:

Most times, lack of money influence youths to involve themselves in such act. Seeing your fellow teen putting on dab and showing all the blinks on his body is attractive and manipulative to the mind. Such things do trigger a person to belong but later regret their actions.

Please, do not join cult for any reason at all. Subscribe to keep receiving great and latest content. Stay safe.

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