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Differences Between Public Administration, And Development Administration

Differences Between Public Administration

In my research, I find out that Public administration as a practice has been in existence since people began to form societal or And Development Administration national governments while development administration began after the Second World War.

Here, i will be sharing with you the differences between public administration and development administration.

Public administration is government apparatus for implementing govern ment policies development administration is Concerned with while both government and non-government agencies and serves as instrument for implementing the policies jointly made by both the government and the private enterprises.

Traditional public leaving economic matters to private individuals and entrepreneurs while development administration aims at making use of private entrepreneurs in collaboration with state apparatus to improve the administration is aimed at living conditions of the people.

Public administration /Traditional public administration is hierarchical and rigid while development administration is dynamic and flexible.

Traditional administration emphasizes on economy and efficiency but development administration focuses on effectiveness and goal achievement.

Traditional public administration is status quo oriented while development administration is change oriented.

Traditional public administration is concerned with routine operations while development Public administration has limited scope of operation while development administration has a broad scope of operation.

Public administration has no time orientation while development administration has a time limit.

Public administration believes in centralization while development administration believes in decentralization.

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