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Adavi LGA In Focus: Time To Move On, And Give No Room For Crisis Anymore.

Adavi LGA In Focus: Time To Move On, And Give No Room For Crisis Anymore. 

Sunday Ojo speaks~

From the depth of my heart, I hereby put pen to paper with a view to restating my confidence in sons and daughters of Adavi nation, both home and diaspora. I made a plea for peace in the time past, and today, I'm very happy to note that God has returned peace to my father's land. 

In a saner society, peace is the bedrock of development. No society can grow amidst disunity. Our society, Adavi, is a land blessed with men and women of great learning, with this, the need to live as one entity for the betterment of our society becomes very paramount. Undoubtedly, misunderstanding is one thing we can't eradicate, it is bound to exist in a gathering of two, and beyond. But, what matters most is our ability to avert the possible harm it causes to our society. We can't afford to live backward, hence, let ignore the bygones and move on.

You may never have had a reason to support Hon Joseph Omuya Salami, but God has made it possible for him to be where he is today. I don't want to deny the fact that, he has his own flaws. yes! He is prone to err, because he is not God. In real fact, I have blamed his leadership styles in too many occasions, which he and his cabinets are aware of. But, at a certain point, I began to perceive a reform in his governance, which simply means he is ready to receive good advice, and work with it. I may not have gotten anything from him, but it doesn't change the fact that very many people have benefited from him. It is not possible to satisfy or please everyone; only God can do that.

In point of fact, everyone that has expressed pain concerning his leadership styles, is right. Reason is that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We can't view things from the same angle, that makes us humans. Divergence is very possible in politics. But, at a certain point where God is at work, we need to let go everything that must have caused us pains. We have no other father's land except Adavi, so we will do our best to keep it safe and livable for all.

Hon Joseph Omuya Salami, has been adopted as a consensus candidate by the APC heads to represent us, therefore we need to forgo anything that threatens our unity, and help him move our society forward for the sake of the next generations.

God bless Adavi LGA.

God bless Kogi State.

God bless Nigeria.

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Adavi Ojo


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