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Lets fight for our right as we stand with "No light No election "

It has come to our notice that the three arms of government are not in any means helping our situations here at okitipupa local government in ondo state.

"Let's fight for our right as we stand with.. No light, No election"

It is now time to fight for our right as a citizen of Federal republic of Nigeria, the only means we have here is our generator and now I can say they are a lot of news out there that generators to be banned in Nigeria meanwhile "The senators uses a standby generator during the plenary session to debate on the bill to ban the use of generators in Nigeria " this is really pathetic.

We have been deceived several times about the light but I think there is no positive reactions towards it so we have to stand up and fight for our right. And we should protest in okitipupa over the blackout for years now.

To all Ikale, Apoi and ilaje its time to raise our voice and say NO to all this suffering because we are lacking a lot in our communities such as better factories and companies and lots more, no job opportunity for the youth here unlike some other places in Nigeria where you can work with a lot of companies to make a living. All they do here is OKADA and some petty jobs just to make a living, a lot of compaines has been closed down due to the huge amount the spend on fuel.

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