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National Consciousness

National Consciousness refers to the values that citizens share which unite them as members of the same nation even when they belong to different ethnic groups. Ethnicity or ethnic identity on the other hand means membership of a particular cultural group. It is also defined by shared cultural practices including food, language, custom, etc. Thus , people can share the same nationality but have different ethnic groups. People of Nigeria are of different ethnic backgrounds. However, for the people of Nigeria to live above their ethnic values, those values must support the nation's values.

We must be committed,enthusiastic and passionate about our nation. All citizens, no matter our ethnic background, must come together around a common cause. Citizens must feel that they are able to play a role in building the nation and supporting it to make a better life for all.

Therefore this is focused on Nation. Nation is a body of people sharing a spirit of unity and living together under the same government. It can be also seen as group of people who have the same citizenship under one government regardless of their ethnic background. For example Nigeria, Ghana, America, England.

In Nigeria, for example, there are many ethnic groups with different languages and culture but they all are Nigerians.

Every nation has certain features that makes it possible to identify that nation as one. The following are the characteristics that a nation must have: Government, Territory, Equality, Population, Lingua Franca, Sovereignty, common economy , Common customs and Traditions.

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National Consciousness Nigeria


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