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2 Things President Buhari Must Do To Solve Nigeria's Problems (Opinion)

President Muhammadu Buhari, who was sworn into power on May 29, is inarguably the antithesis of the stereotypical Nigerian politician: incorruptible, soft-spoken, self-effacing and deliberate. In the meantime, the challenges facing Africa’s most populous nation and largest economy continue to grow: Oil revenues are down, currency value has slipped and the issue of terrorism. The Solutions To Nigeria's Real Problems does not really Need to be so Complicated. As well, to Build a New and Better Nigeria is not Something that can be Achievable by Magic. Nigeria's Current Situation neither requires Divisions, nor any sort or form of Dictations from either within or from outside the Country.

Again, the Solutions to Nigeria's Real Problems does not need such a Violent Atrocities and Damages that are already going on there. For, Nigeria's Own Problems as a Nation does not lack its own Peaceful and Effective Solutions. But Know that Everything in this World has a Beginning. And for anything that has a beginning, there is; and must be for it, a doubtless End.

In other words, there is no Problem that exists under the Sun that has no Solution. Nigeria's Own Problems of today is not an Exemption.We Nigerians nevertheless expect our leader to show tangible results, and soon. Given these imperatives, here are 2 things president Buhari can do to get the ball rolling:

1. He should Carefully probe corrupt members of his cabinet

 Buhari’s reform agenda probably faces its greatest threat from corrupt, old-school politicians within his own All Progressives Congress (APC) party. Buhari should neutralize some of the APC’s corrupt members. We all commend the great step the president took by allowing the acting chairman of the EFCC to be probed. 

2.Provision of food

A few years ago, i met a Nigerian man who said that: “ The Problem With Nigeria Is Food ”. That man, to me is neither Crazy nor Completely Wrong. For the Human Stomach can neither Fear nor Lie. And that is the Major Reason why we all have it at the front part of our body.

In short, FOOD is one of the Most Basic Necessities of this Earthling Life. That a “ Hungry man is , indeed an Angry man ”; is rather a reality than just an Idiomatic Expression.But, in this Modern Age and with all the Wealth and Resources in Nigeria, the Nation has not even been able to Solve Her Problems of Food. Millions of People there in Nigeria are helplessly lying Hungry. Millions there are suffering Malnutrition. Millions are Beggars. Millions are into Robbery. Millions are into Crimes. Millions are into Bribery and Corruptions; and Millions can hardly eat three times per day. Yet, it is not that these Classes of Nigerians are simply Lazy.The Reason there is that the Largest Percentage of Nigeria's Masses are living below $2 per day. They have no Electricity. No Medical Care. No Shelter. No Free Education. No Water. No good Roads. Yet, Food in Nigeria is relatively very expensive and scarce.

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