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ENDTIME: See Photos Of "Yahoo boys" Spraying Dollars inside an altar in the presence of their Pastor

Well the Bible said that during end times, we are going to seeing alot of strange and buzzard things. Some of which are suppose to be kept and done in secret will be publicly demonstrated.

Well the reason why am actually saying this is because a videos of some young boy, which they are popularly know as "yahoo boys" just surface the internet and they were seen spraying money in dollars currency, just front of a altar in the presence of the pastor.

Without wasting much of your time, let's check out photos of the "yahoo boys" spraying money in the altar with the pastor not doing anything Amount it.

Here are the photos:

Well I gat to say that many of this "yahoo boys" who claim to have money and if they really what to pay their offering with large amount of dollars, they should do it without letting anybody know.

Thank you for reading.

Please tell me what are your thoughts concerning this matter.

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