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Nigeria: Graduates At 35 Are Too Old For Employment But At 75 Politicians Contest And Win Elections

A Nigerian young graduate is considered too old by employers in the country despite the huge potentials of the individual; however, ironically a politician at 75 is still in active politics. This makes one to wonder the direction of this nation and what future it holds for its young and vibrant youths who graduate in their mass from our tertiary institutions annually. Furthermore, its time for Nigerian youths to wake from this endless slumber that has relegated them to the dungeons of perpetual lack and excruciating poverty; especially poverty of the mind. Observing critically, it will be noticed that the common enemies of the Nigerian masses are the political elites, whom have divided the people along political party lines, religious extremism, ethnicity and tribal difference. This has caused trivial sentiments among the youths resulting to violent fighting, maiming, destruction and death, all in a bid to protect and please their political godfathers; whom are are busy dinning, winning and feasting together without considering these differences but with a common interest on how to loot, divert, squander and allocate public fund meant for the development of the society to themselves, while the masses continue to wallow in abject poverty. History has records of the viable capacity of the Nigerian youths as it relates to positive social change; the likes of Obafemi Awolowo, Herbert Macaulay, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ahmadu Bello, Anthony Enahoro, Aminu Kano, etc, were all but young when they made such giant nationalistic strides that brought about our present day Nigeria to reality. Globally, young and vibrant leaders have been making giant strides in the contemporary development and security of their societies. Emmanuel Macron of France became President at the age of 39, Justin Pierre James Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada and Leader of the Liberal Party at 43. Also, Barack Obama became President of the United States at 48, Sanna Marin of Finland is the youngest Prime Minister in the globe at the age of 34. There are so many young global leaders that are all performing excellently well in the development of their societies; however, the opposite is the case in Nigeria, as the same old politicians from the first republic and military era are still holding strong to power, with total disregard and neglect of the youths and their contemporary intelligence. Hence, it is a very worrisome trend to see a full grown man at 50 years in Nigeria still living with his parents without any hope for the future. WHICH WAY NIGERIA! For the purpose of the collective good of all Nigerians, the masses must do away with such negative and outdated sentiments as party difference, ethnicity, tribalism, religious extremism, etc, and unite together to ideologically confront the common enemy been the 'Political Class'. Its time to demand for more, its time to demand for good governance, transparency, accountability, social justice, equity, fairness and complete separation of powers as stipulated by democratic principles. Finally, all Nigerians must as a matter of urgency begin to build their capacity through skills acquisition, acquire formal, informal and semi-formal education. This will improve the productive level of the people and further create the needed awareness and sensitisation which would move the people out of the poverty line. Only when the people are self-sufficient can they stand up to defend their rights and request for the right things to be done according to stipulated constitutional provisions. A better Nigeria is possible if we all work towards it and be responsible to our dear nation.

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