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North could remain in Power for 8 more years if this humble politician is given the chance to run

With less than three years left in the Buhari led administration, the race for who becomes the next president of Nigeria is now up for debate. High class politicians are already showing their ambitions for the seat. The two major parties will no doubt be planning seriously ahead of 2023 polls.

The seat of the presidency is currently held by the Northerners, after President Buhari's last year victory over his PDP rival Atiku. Last year's election was obviously a Northern affair, as two candidates from the north represented the two major parties. Many Nigerians are of the opinion that this coming election should not be all Northern affair as President Buhari would no longer be contesting.

However, it is logical to believe that PDP would still want to feed in a Northerner who would help them take over power from their rival. APC could go for a south-south or South-west candidate since it's last candidate was a Northerner. 

It would be very possible for PDP to defeat APC in the next general election, if former Vice president Arch. Mohammed Namadi Sambo is made the presidential candidate for the people's democratic party(PDP). The then former governor of Kaduna state is a well respected citizen of Nigeria. He is one of the most humble vice president Nigeria has ever produced. He also has numerous achievements which speaks for him. Above all, he is loved by virtually all tribe's in Nigeria, the south-east being inclusive. At a point, the south-east even changed his name to Nnamdi instead of Namadi. This shows the love they have for this humble man.

The worst mistake APC would do in the coming election would be to challenge Namadi Sambo with someone not a Northerner. That if PDP considers Architect Namadi Sambo as their presidential candidate for 2023.

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