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See What A Nigerian Man Did For Beggars In Abuja (Video And Photos)

Alot of Nigerians are blaming the government for the hardship in the country, but most of them haven't made any effort to make the country better.

The truth is, we all need to start showing love to one another before we can make Nigeria better.

On the 2nd of March, 2021, i saw a man distributing food to beggars at Gwarimkpa, Abuja, he looked so happy doing it.

Out of excitement, i brought out my phone and made a short video of him giving food to the poor.

While interviewing him, he told me that he wasn't doing it for popularity, that he loves giving to the poor and homeless.

I tried getting his name, but he asked me not to worry about his name as he wasn't giving to become popular.

These are some photos i took

To watch a short video i made, CLICK HERE

This report proves that there are still good people in Nigeria.

If we all want Nigeria to be the nation of our dreams, we should all learn to show love to one another.

Please share this report to everyone you know.

Content created and supplied by: Daddydivine (via Opera News )

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