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DinkaTribe: They Give100 Cows as Dowry, Husband Will Not Sleep with Wife for 2yrs Once she Concieve

In an interview with a South Sudanese Mach Mach Samuel,the important of cows to Dinka Tribe was discovered .

The most surprising thing is how Samuel explained that he had given 117 cows as his wife dowry to won competition with six people.

He explained that the number of cows one possesed is the manifestation of one's power and of class in their community .

Samuel, 29, who owns hundreds of cattle, now has a baby born three months ago. He said cows are very important in their tribe, and a woman will never sleep with anyone until after her marriage, as sourced from .

Samuel also stated that he had been forbidden to sleep with his wife for two years after she became pregnant. He described this as normal for them, and his wife relocate to his mother's house to make sure that her baby is given proper cared .

On the issue of cheating by couples , Samuel also said that a man would give five cows if he was caught, and if it is a woman she would give seven cows. This highlights the importance of cattle in the Dinka tribe.

Samuel explained further that he would remarry now. Because in their culture he must marry a wife in place of his deceased brother who never married.

This is the short story and tradition of the Dinka tribe in South Sudan.

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