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Saraki stands for the values of solidary and equality.

Nigeria needs a man of principles. 

A man who will fight for peace, justice and fairness.

Nigeria needs a man that will devout his life building a new Nation- a country in which everyone will be equal under the law, a country in which ethnic and religious discrimination will not have a place.

A country where citizens will be judged by the contents of their characters not by tribes or regions.

We need a leader that will destroy the system of exploitation based on institutionalized laws and practices that promote divisions and hates.

Dr Bukky remains the right vessel to drive the New Nigerian dream.

He stands for the values of solidarity and equality.

This is the man hated for what he stands for.

They are afraid of what they will loose if Saraki is allowed to grab power.

This man is the binding symbol of Hope and freedom.

The agitations for breakups will die naturally when Saraki becomes the president of this great country.

A new nation will be reborn where there is no Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba but one united Nigeria!

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